Stuffed Quails with fresh Salsiccia

Our stuffed quail, is a tasty second dish and quite quick to prepare. Quail meat is a delicate, protein-rich and easily digestible meat.
If you've never dared to prepare these little birds, try our simple step by step recipe:

Ingredients for 4 people
- 4 clean quail
- 200 gr of fresh sausage "salsiccia"
- 250 gr of soft chestnuts
- 4 dried plums
- 100 gr of pancetta thinly sliced
- 1 carrot
- 1 stalk of celery
- 4 or 5 sage leaves
- 2 bay leaves
- 1/2 glass of white wine
- 500 ml of vegetable broth
- salt, pepper q. b.
- extra virgin olive oil according to taste
- 4-6 toothpicks
- kitchen twine

1) Pass the quails under running water and wash them internally and externally. Remove any remains of feathers if necessary. Dry them with kitchen paper. If you have a caramel maker, blaze it all over their skin otherwise you can pass they quails also over the gas stove.

2) Season the quails with salt, pepper and the chopped sage leaves.

3) Coarsely chop the chestnuts and prunes and add everything in a bowl to the crumbled fresh sausage taken out of the casing. Mix the filling and stuff the quail.

4) To prevent the filling from coming out, close the skin between the legs with a toothpick cut in half (use another if necessary) and wrap the quail breast in three slices of bacon. Then tie the quail with kitchen string starting from the legs. In practice, first tie the legs together, then come up on the thighs making turns around the quail, arrive at the neck and give a couple of turns also in the direction of the length.

5) Clean the carrot and celery and cut them into cubes.

6) Heat plenty of oil in a pan and toast the quails well on all sides.
Add carrot and celery, bay leaf and let them take colour for a couple of minutes. Add white wine and hot vegetable stock. Lower the heat and cook covered for about 35 minutes. If necessary, add more broth or hot water if necessary.

7) To obtain a nice crispy bacon, pass the quail under the grill of the oven for 5/10 minutes, before serving.

Serve with a side dish of your choice!

Enjoy your meal!

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