Misto Bollito "Mixed Boiled Meat"

Mixed boiled meat is usually a typical Piedmontese recipe based on various beef and chicken parts cooked for a long time together with vegetables and generally served with parsley sauce, potatoes or fruit mustard. We invented our own tasty and much simpler version!

Ingredients for 3-4 people
- 1.5 kg of Mixed meat (Muscle of beef, Beef Belly, Chicken Thigh)
- 15 g CLOVE
- 1 tablespoon of CAPERS
- 40g of STALE BREAD
- 2 ANCHOVIE fillets
- Parsley according to taste

The Preparation
1) Wash the carrots and chop them coarsely. Peel the onion and stick the cloves it carefully in the flesh of the onion and immerse everything together with the celery in a pot with plenty of water. Bring everything to a boil.
2) In the meantime tie the beef with kitchen string, in this way it will not fall apart during cooking and it will make be easier to cut it later on.
3) Once the mixture has reached the boiling point, immerse the meat in the broth and cook for about half an hour.
4) Meanwhile remove the skin and excess fat from the chicken and add it to the broth. Let it cook over low heat for about two hours.
5) Prepare the GREEN SAUCE by blending an anchovy, capers, parsley and the stale bread. Pour in the oil until you get the consistency you want.

In addition to the Green Sauce, this dish is usually served with a kind of pickled fruit with mustard seeds and, if desired, with boiled potatoes .

Some extra advice :
> During cooking, remove the excess fat from the meat in order to avoid overloading the broth and giving it an unpleasant taste.
> Let the meat cool down a bit before cutting so that it does not fall apart and the juices remain inside.
Enjoy your meal!

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