Story of the Cinta Senese Breed
A Tuscan Excellence

The Cinta Senese pigs are a native breed of Tuscany bred since the tme of the Etruscans. They are characterized by a dark coat whose particular name derives from the characteristic white band that surrounds the chest, front legs and withers of the animals - looking like a belt (=cinta).

The Cinta Senese has always been present in the area, from Roman and Medieval times up to the present day. It was known so well that it has also been portrayed in one of the most famous frescoes in Siena: "Effects of the Good Government - The well-governed countryside" by Ambrogio Lorenzetti. Even today in the rooms of the Town Hall it is possible to admire the 1338 fresco in all its beauty; the more attentive will also notice some differences between the walls of the time and those of today. Which?
To begin with, the fourteenth-century fences had beautiful straight ears that today have bent forward and were much more like a boar, these traits have been lost over time due to the various genetic crosses.

Where does the Cinta Senese come from
Scholars agree that the place of origin of this animal is the Montagnola Senese, a hilly area between the municipalities of Monteriggioni, Casole d’Elsa, Sovicille and Poggibonsi in the province of Siena. The area, which is located at an altitude of about 250-300 meters above sea level, is rich in holm oak woods that offer acorns at will and therefore represent the ideal place for these animals.
From here the Cinta Senese moved on the territory thanks also to its typical easy adaptability, this breed is particularly suitable for breeding in the wild and has therefore always been used by man. We can say that up until the 1950s, almost all peasant families raised Cinta Senese pigs.

What happened after the 1950s?
With the introduction of pig breeds called "white" such as the Large White, more prolific and profitable (the Large White is in fact ready for slaughter after only 6 months of life while a Cinta Senese after more than a year), of Cinta Senese has dropped drastically. Only in the last few years has the quality of this meat been rediscovered and some breeders have chosen this breed again, contributing to its spread also on a national level.

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